Mestrado em Conservação e Restauro

Professional Goals


 On completion of two courses of study in Conservation and Restoration totalling a 5-year training (licenciatura+mestrado), students are expected to be prepared to access the conservator-restorer profession according to international standards and recommendations for this activity sector, namely the European Network for Conservation-Restoration Education (ENCoRE), of which IPT is a member, and the European Confederation of Conservator-restorers' Organisations (ECCO).

Graduates from this master's program can be responsible for any conservation / restoration intervention, namely in cultural assets already classified or submitted for classification - which, according to the Portuguese law, requires 5-year training in conservation and restoration (Decree-Law No. 140/2009) and 5 years of professional experience.
Apart from conservation and restoration related activities, graduates from this master's degree can also be engaged in the safeguard, enhancement and preservation of cultural assets in a wide range of organisations such as central and local government bodies, museums, charities, foundations, monuments, palaces, churches, convents, archaeological sites, antiquaries, auctioneers, property carriers, property management companies, conservation/restoration project offices and science/technology research laboratories.