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Course Director

E-learning is a teaching tool, based on new technologies, which is beyond the traditional model of learning. Provides the learner a set of educational content and video text audio text with which you can interact freely. In this sense applies the potential of information and communication to the development of individual curricular student education technologies.

This can, without leaving home, consult the academic program, have access to the notes, conduct testing, submit jobs, see ratings, requesting explanations to teachers or watch in real time the Term classes.

Classes even remotely implies a presence control system, allowing students to raise questions in class, interact with peers, develop group work, be accompanied by the teacher and review the same at the time and understand where want.
It is a personalized process that allows for temporal and spatial flexibility, going against the interests of the student and the place where it is.

As the process unfolds?
  • Suffice have internet connection and headphone / microphone.
  • A normal computer is sufficient to render the platform.At the beginning of class the webcamera and platform are activated and the lesson is transmitted online.
  • The student (where) to enter a password on the platform, allowing the teacher to know who is present.The teacher will also have a computer with access to the platform.
  • The student may ask for an explanation and take online questions during the lesson by learning Wimba platform. 
  • The teacher will explain to the class and the student will attend the explanation by the computer.In class will be forthcoming blackboard and system for presenting powerpoints that will allow the student to follow the contents by a teacher.
  • The classes will be recorded and may be reviewed by the student at any time and as often as necessary.
  • The platform will also be discussed the notes, videos, manuals, articles, and digital books, tests, examinations, among other documents.
  • Teachers may choose to develop written exams and these can also be performed remotely. May contain multiple choice questions, true / false, matching correct or other system will time out, the answers have associated values.
  • The system of effective classroom students will only be required during the internship, if this option.
  • The evaluation will take place in UNISUL or IPT virtually.