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Polytechnic of Tomar joins the CRUSOE Network


Since today, Tuesday 27 September, the Polytechnic of Tomar is part of the CRUSOE Network (Conference of Chancellors of Universities and Polytechnic Institutes of Southwest Europe), which aims to contribute to the improvement of higher education and territorial development, through inter-university cooperation, dialogue between universities and polytechnics and social actors, as well as institutional cooperation with regional and state governments.

Created in 2011, CRUSOE gathers more than two dozen Portuguese and Spanish universities and polytechnics from six regions: the North and Centre of Portugal, Asturias, Castile and Leon, Cantabria and Galicia, of Spain. A total of 23 higher education institutions, more than 150 renowned national research groups in Spain and Portugal and almost 240,000 students distributed over more than 40 campuses (four of them qualified as international excellence) constitute the strengths of the CRUSOE Network that emerges as an alternative to traditional institutional networks of knowledge and, at the same time, promotes new projects in the macro-regional space of Southwest Europe, RESOE.


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