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Link me up - Final Meeting First Edition



"Link me up - Final Meeting of the first edition (2021) of IPT's development of innovation co-creation ideas" will take place on June 16, at 2.45 p.m., in the Doctor Pacheco de Amorim Auditorium at IPT's Tomar campus.

Ten teams composed of students from different disciplinary areas, representatives from companies, organisations and facilitators have worked on the resolution of real problems for 10 weeks.

The process culminates with the final presentation of the innovation co-creation ideas devising solutions and paths for the future.


14:45- Welcoming of participants

15:00 - Opening Session

João Freitas Coroado, President of the IPT

Nuno Madeira, Vice-President of the IPT

Célio Gonçalo Marques, IPT Coordinator of the Teacher Training Project and other Education and Training agents (with Demola methodology)

Celeste de Sousa, Director of Nuno de Santa Maria School Grouping

Paulo Macedo, Director of Templários School Grouping


Olinda Sequeira and Dina Mateus, IPT Coordinators of the Project Link Me Up - 1000 ideas

15:30 - Pitch about solutions/results of the Ideas/Challenges

Students from the co-creation teams

Ideas/Challenges:  Digital Overcomes Pandemic
  Digital World in Micro and Small Businesses
  Legumes and Food Future Trends
  Cultural Awareness
  One More Bike, a Better Life
  Designing Incubators for the Future
  Are You Becoming a Z City?
  Show Your Smile Again
  The One and Only but not Lonely
  Health and Well-Being After Covid 19

17:00 - Break

17:30 - Announcement of the team that will represent the IPT in the National and International Pitch

17:45 - Closing session

Olinda Sequeira and Dina Mateus

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