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CW4GreenerCities Project

Contribution of Constructed Wetlands and Environmentally Friendly Wastewater Treatment Technologies for Sustainable Cities and Communities

The BIOTEC.IPT’s CW4GreenerCities project aims to apply the knowledge acquired in more than 20 years of research by the BIOTEC.IPT’s research team in the sustainable development of Constructed Wetlands, and other eco-efficient technologies, for the treatment and recovery of wastewater, contributing to SDG 6 and the sustainable use of water by the society.

The ongoing work is intended to demonstrate the feasibility of produce reclaimed water through “greener” technologies, and its application in urban and industrial uses, such as in the irrigation of green spaces, in the cleaning of spaces and equipment, in the fighting against fires, and the production of microalgae and resulting products.

The project benefits from synergies with other projects of the BIOTEC.IPT and the Smart Cities Research Center, such as SmarterCW and H2-REnWaste projects, aiming, respectively, to optimize the monitoring and remote control of sustainable wastewater treatment technologies and the production of green hydrogen from wastewater by electrolysis based on renewable energy sources.

Picture reproduced from: Pinho, H.J.O.; Mateus, D.M.R. Sustainable Production of Reclaimed Water by Constructed Wetlands for Combined Irrigation and Microalgae Cultivation Applications. Hydrology 2021, 8, 30. https://doi.org/10.3390/hydrology8010030