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4as Jornadas de Turismo: Turismo Religioso 2022


The Conference Series on Tourism of the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar (IPT) aims to highlight the importance of the multiplier effect that tourism may have on other sectors arising from the very dynamics of cultural and tourist destinations and their competitiveness and attractiveness. Whether or not tourism is undergoing a paradigm shift, it is true that there have been significant changes in the sector that have driven change especially in terms of increased sustainability. In part this change is due to a type of tourist consumption that requires the enhancement of products, experiences and genuine emotions in terms of diversity and quality. The increase in competition between destinations promotes the need for reinvention and restructuring in which the incentive for the participation of the local community(ies) involves offering experiences that are intrinsically linked to local region and culture.

In this sense, the 4th Conference series on Tourism: cultural and religious tourism is organised through a series of thematic panels that foster reflection on:

    a) the importance of digital communication for tourist and cultural territories. The digital world changes daily and directly influences the tourism sector, making it essential to communicate: to inspire and build loyalty among visitors and tourists.
    b) Gastronomy as a tourist-cultural-spiritual attraction. Gastronomy is influenced by various factors, but above all by culture and religion, constituting a factor of identity for the territories.
    c) The practices of accessibility through cultural and religious tourism. Accessibility has advantages in the tourism development process of any territory and accessibility should incorporate all tourism services and products.

This 4th Conference Series fosters reflection and debate on relevant topics in the area of cultural and religious tourism with renowned specialists in the sector in a more theoretical context on the specific themes of the panels presented.

At the same time, they offer the opportunity to carry out a technical visit to the IPT's Tourism Laboratory at the Convento de Cristo in Tomar.


Further information and registration at http://www.jornadasdeturismo.ipt.pt/

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