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Science, Arts and Heritage Academy


The Academy of Science, Arts and Heritage, called AcademiaCAP, is a specialized service and support unit in accordance with paragraphs nº1 and nº 2 of 64º article of  the IPT statutes, institutionally integrated into the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar. The AcademiaCAP has no separate legal existence, basing its action in existing IPT structures, in order to take advantage and allow a more efficient management of available resources.

The fundamental principles of AcademiaCAP are in line with the priority goals of IPT as an education institution which plays a key role in the wide dissemination of expertise and in the production of added value. The project created by AcademiaCAP aims at creating a set of measures intended to disseminate Science, Culture, Art and Heritage among the youngsters. With the collaboration of the scientific community within the IPT the Academia will promote initiatives on priority training topics. This is a broad effort to promote scientific and artistic culture as a tool to stimulate the learning process. It should be noted that in order to develop this project, we will establish interactions with the surrounding environment fostering close relationships between local population and the IPT scientific community as a local educational player.