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Science, Arts and Heritage Academy

"The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size."
Albert Einstein

Cristina Costa, Head

AcademiaCAP is an educational project whose activities focus in establishing a constructivist view of child and youth education in areas such as Science, Technology, Arts and Heritage.

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What science, artistic stimulus and awareness for cultural heritage have in common is that they are ways of acquiring knowledge and turning it into something else, often using an innovative approach. The Academia's principles are based on a learning process that can harmonise these three fundamental dimensions and contribute to the sustainable cognitive development of their participants. In view to this, the priority goals of AcademiaCAP are:

  • Sensitise the local youngsters for Science, Technology, Culture, Arts and Heritage;
  • Educate and stimulate creativity through observation, experimentation and creation;
  • Organise workshops to provide the participants with different dynamics and materials from those commonly available in classroom context;
  • Sensitise the participants for sustainable development activities, including recycling, renewable energies and heritage preservation;
  • Foster entrepreneurship through the development of skills and abilities typical of creative and inquisitive minds.


Ext. - 2105
E-mail - ccosta@ipt.pt
Cabinet - Q103 - Tomar - Campus
Site - http://www.academiacap.ipt.pt/inicio/