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Bachelor's Degree in Engenharia Informática

Learning outcomes


The degree in Computer Engineering is awarded to students who demonstrate the following technical and professional engineering skills in information and communication technologies:

  1. Developing Analysis Reports for Software Requirements and Solutions;
  2. Modelling of Data, Processes and User-Interfaces and the Objects that implement Sofware Requirements and Solutions;
  3. Defining the structure of the different application layers of a System and its Subsystems;
  4. Implementing software (including design, development, testing and installation) for new applications and middleware for integration between application subsystems;
  5. Specifying and sizing Computer Systems and Networks;
  6. Configuring and Testing Infrastructure Computer Systems and Networks;
  7. Managing Computer Systems and Networks;
  8. Tracking and checking the operation features of Information Systems, including maintenance releases, load requirements, in terms of data and transactions and management of reconfigurations, backups and optimization of functional parameters;
  9. Promoting the evolutive development of Information Systems and respective technical support;
  10. Managing the Data and Access Security to Information Systems, including the safeguards of Privacy, Authentication, Integrity, Authenticity and availability;
  11. Developing Technical Documentation of Requirement Specifications for ICT projects;
  12. Developing Analysis Reports of offered or available ICT solutions, depending on the specified requirements;
  13. Developing proposals for new ICT solutions complying with the specified requirements.