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Video e Cinema Documental

Learning outcomes


The Documentary Film Studies degree aims at delivering professionals who have a good command of documentary techniques, from research to sensibility of film aesthetics. Therefore, the study programme will promote in students the ability to:
- contextualise the documentary genre chronologically:
- analyse and criticise films and deliver theories;
- use concepts and theories in critical analyses of reality adopting ethical-political standpoints;
- search and investigate on topics dealt with;
- conceive and write scripts, especially for documentary;
- plan and organise project production with special emphasis on documentary as well as its promotion and distribution;
- conduct photography, lighting and image procedures;
- operate and manipulate audiovisual equipments and promote its innovation;
- understand the significance of post-production and visual composition,  especially in the documentary context;
- reflect upon their professional practices;
- solve professional problems in their working areas devising  appropriate alternatives;
- work as part of a team developing productive relationships.