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Gestão Administrativa de Recursos Humanos

Learning outcomes


A dynamic and efficient education system is indicated by the Intermunicipal Community of the Middle Tagus (CIMT) as constituting an indicator of regional sustainability.Parallel to Vocational Training is one area elected by this Conference in order to bring about change and modernization of services, where the proportion of people employed for others with higher education (14%) is still well below the national scene.The need for administrative management of Technical Human Resource fits this perspective, and this felt need at central level (municipalities and other institutions and public services) or at the corporate level.The development of human resources, recruitment and selection, as well as all the intrinsic activity to a technician in this area allows the human, social and economic development of the region where it operates.The Politécncio Institute of Tomar established a so-called partnership "Dual Training Network" with about 600 public, private and social nature, with a view to establishing protocols for exchange of knowledge between students versus organizations, which guarantees training in thework in the last half of the operation of this CTeSP.

A graduate in CTeSP in Administrative Management of Human Resources gets level 5, the academic qualification scale.