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Qualification Requirements


The Master's degree in Family Business Management and Entrepreneurship is organised into 2 academic years distributed throughout 4 semesters totalling 120 ECTS credits, with 60 in the first year and 60 in the second year, of which 72 correspond to the taught part (3 semesters) and 48 (part of the third quarter and the whole fourth semester) correspond to project/internship as provided by article 18(1) of Decree-Law No.74/2006 of 24 March.
Each semester amounts to a total of 750 hours of work corresponding to 30 ECTS. The total average hours of work per ECTS is 25.
In order to meet the market demands in terms of professional skills, the graduates from this program must have acquired a good command of the multidisciplinary know-how and abilities provided by this second-cycle degree. We believe that this master's degree was designed so as to meet the requirements established in Decree-law No. 42/2005 of 22 February, namely articles 5, 6 and 7.