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Gestão e Administração de Serviços de Saúde

Learning outcomes


On completion of this program in Health Care Services Management students should:

1. Reveal to have acquired appropriate knowledge of current health system, have basic economic reasoning skills, know the epidemiology principles and its practical applications to clinical management as well as have basic foundations of conventional and innovative organisational models for hospital visits, with or without hospitalisation, external consultation, hospital emergency and its economical and organisational implications, both internal and external;

2. Be familiar with current management models of public and private clinical units;

3. Have a good understanding of management tools and be able to apply them to improve the effectiveness of health units having in mind the peculiarities of each type of health organisation. That includes health care organisations (hospitals, health centres, clinics, etc.).

4. Reveal to have acquired competences in multidisciplinary matters such as strategic analysis and health care trends; information systems and the dynamics and evolutionary trends of the public health care system directing the acquisition of practical skills to the management of key areas within enterprises and organisations within this activity sector such as innovation and change management, health quality, health teams management, support to decision-making and financial management, health investment analysis and management support to clinical care as well as organisational change programs in health care units.