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Learning outcomes


Holders of a bachelor's degree in Media Studies should:

  • be familiar with the terminology and have good scientific foundations of communication and media in general and of the core areas in their selected profile, in particular. Media and Audiovisual/Online Communication for the journalism profile; Corporate Communication and Marketing for the corporate communication profile;
  • know, conceptualise and apply communication methods, techniques and tools using different technologies within professional contexts;
  • understand the similarities and differences between the two major communication areas that correspond to the two profiles available in the program: Journalism and Corporate Communication;
  • in the Journalism profile, students are expected to develop the following competences: producing written and audiovisual contents; carrying out photo reportage and creating informative websites;
  • in the Corporate Communication profile, students are expected to develop the following competences: providing consultancy in the spheres of communication and marketing; drawing up communication and marketing plans; coordinating and implementing communication and marketing actions; providing media advice; drawing up webmarketing and digital marketing plans; managing events; preparing market surveys; coordinate advertising campaigns.