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TeSP - Animação e Modelação 3D e Jogos

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Publication in the Diário da República: Despacho n.º 11283/2020 de 16/11/2020

6 ECTS; 2º Ano, 1º Semestre, 11,0 T + 45,0 TP

- Miguel Dinis de Oliveira


A.a Understand moving images, not only as a vehicle, but as a support for information and communication;
A.b Acquire a cohesive digital and multimedia literacy in terms of concepts, references and practices;
B.a The construction of narratives
C.a To adapt the different media according to technical, accessibility, usability, artistic, scientific and other requirements;
C.b Work in multidisciplinary teams

1. Audiovisual Language
1.1 Shot, Scene and Sequence;
1.2 Framing;
1.3 Composition and Perspective;
1.4 Camera movements;
2. Introduction to the Multimedia concept
2.1 Static Averaging and Dynamic Averaging;
2.2 Types of multimedia;
3. Multimedia and Interactivity
3.1 Types of media interaction and integration
4. Multimedia project
4.1 Project Management;
4.2 Multimedia authoring tools;
5. Video Editing
5.1 Importing files;
5.2 Editing;
5.3 Inserting graphics;
5.4 Audio Editing;
6. Post-Production
6.1 Output formats; codecs; weight vs quality
6.2 Image processing
6.3 Color correction
6.4 Masks and effects

Evaluation Methodology
Rating by frequency:
Exercise Presentation

Exercise #1 (20%)
Exercise #2 (20%)
Exercise #3 (20%)
Exercise #4 (30%)
Exercise #4 Report (10%)

Exam assessment:
delivery of exercises

Exercise #1 (15%)
Exercise #2 (15%)
Exercise #3 (15%)
Exercise #4 (40%)
Exercise #4 Report (15%)

- V, C. (2012). Multimedia Foundations. Core Concepts for Digital Design. Oxford: Focal Press
- N., R. (2012). Multimédia e Tecnologias Interativas (5ºEdição Atualizada e Aumentada). Lisboa: FCA - Editora de Informática
- MURCH, W. (2001). In the Blink of An Eye. EUA: SilmanJames imprensa & E.U.

Teaching Method
1. Exposure of contents (synchronous mode)
2. Viewing and analysis of films and/or film excerpts (synchronous and asynchronous mode)
3. Practical exercises (synchronous and asynchronous mode)

Software used in class
Davinci Resolve
Adobe Premiere




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