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Introduction to meteorology, climate and extreme events

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Publication in the Diário da República: Despacho n.º 12802/2021 de 29/12/2021

5 ECTS; 1º Ano, 2º Semestre, 45,0 TP , Cód. 622313.

- Rui Manuel Domingos Gonçalves

Not applicable.

It is intended that the student seize the basic principles of the composition and structure of the atmosphere and the climatic system. The student must also acquire knowledge that allow an understanding of the fundamental physical processes of meteorology, extreme phenomena and climate.


Evaluation Methodology
Continuous Assessment: completion and presentation of an individual research work (50% of the final grade) and written attendance (50% of the final grade). In evaluation by Exam/Exam Resource (100% of the final grade): for students who did not perform or failed in continuous evaluation. The student is approved if his evaluation is equal to or greater than 10 values (out of 20 values).

- Ahrens, D. (2006). Meteorology Today. An introduction to weather, climate and the environment. USA: West Publishing Company, ISBN-13: 978-0495011620
- Miranda, P. (2009). Meteorologia e ambiente : fundamentos de meteorologia, clima e ambiente atmosférico. (Vol. 219). Lisboa: Universidade Aberta, ISBN: 978-972-674-655-3
- Ruddiman, W. (2008). Earth's Climate Past and Future. USA: Freeman, ISBN-13: 978-0716737414

Teaching Method
Theoretical classes and in-person practices. Visualization of some videos on meteorology, extreme phenomena and climate. Use of weather simulation programs.

Software used in class
Online weather simulators.




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