Centro de Geociências (UID 73)


 1. Research Groups

The strategy of CGEO derives from its vision to bridge Earth and Human Sciences into a comprehensive threefold flow:

To meet these aims CGEO is now structured in 3 research groups, dealing with resources exploration (Fossil Energy and S. Development), engineering geology developments and management of risks (Geotechnology) and past adaptations in lower complexity societies (Quaternary and Prehistory). The groups collaborate in 3 transversal multidisciplinary lines: stratigraphy, resources and developments risk (assessment of potentials and risks); geology, environment and human behavior (interaction of techniques and social dynamics); knowledge socialization (scientific museology, knowledge transfer to public and private sectors, patents). Strengthening of the social dimension in the framework of sustainability and F. Science scope required CGEO to become a multidisciplinary centre.

Overall, the strategic goals of CGEO are in line with the European 2020 strategy, but also with the regional priorities of the “Região Centro” (namely territorial cohesion), through a focus on building a three pillars approach clustered within the three research groups: identification and characterization of resources (Fossil Energy and Sustainable Development - FESD), their transformation and use (Geotechnology - GEOT) and human related adaptive strategies (Quaternary and Prehistory – Q&PH).

2. Activities in IPT (with ITM)

The different scenarios of research in over 20 countries of four continents, provide study contexts for comparative studies and methodological improvement. This research is closely related to the advance studies degrees, both Master (Science Education for Sustainable Development; Hydrocarbon Geology; Geological Engineering and Mining; Erasmus Mundus Master on Quaternary and Prehistory; Erasmus Mundus Master in Cultural Landscapes) and PhD (Mineralogy, Petrology, Geochemistry, Geology; Geological Engineering and Mining; Heritage; Erasmus Mundus Quaternary and Prehistory).


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