IPT professor participates in the discovery of 129 million year old crocodilomorph footprints


Silvério Figueiredo, professor at the Instituto Politécnico de Tomar (IPT) and President of the Portuguese Centre for Geo-History and Prehistory (CPGP) participates in the finding of 129 million year old crocodilomorph footprints in the area of Cape Espichel, in Sesimbra, Setúbal district.

This discovery is rarer than the finding of dinosaur footprints, as there have been few findings in Portugal of remains of crocodiles contemporary to dinosaurs. The crocodilomorph footprints discovered in July are concentrated in only one layer of limestone.

The footprints date back to the Lower Cretaceous and are the first to be identified in that area and geological period in Portugal.

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