Preparatory Course for the association of chartered accountants (OCC) qualifying exams



Next October 26th, the OCC will promote the 2019 qualifying exam to enter the chartered accountant profession. This preparatory course aims mainly to refresh the topics covered in the exam. The course will contain both theoretical and practical learning and involve solving exercises from previous exams.



 The main recipients of the course are:


  • Candidates that will take the OCC exam on 26 October 2019;
  • Management/accounting practitioners who wish to refresh their expertise in Financial Accounting, Analytical Accounting and Taxation.


Access requirements

  • Hold an undergraduate degree in corporate sciences or relevant professional experience.



 Application documents: 

  • CV;
  • Copy of ID/Citizen Card;
  • Copy of Degree Certificate;
  • One passport-type photo;
  • The programme requires a minimum of 10 enrolments to run.
  • Registration deadline: 30 August 2019 (limited to a maximum of 25 by submission order)


Participants attending at least 75% of sessions held will receive a certificate of attendance.

 further information and applications here. 


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