Curso breve | BIM - técnicas de Arquitetura, Engenharia e Construção digitais


The increasing complexity of buildings, information dissemination, deadline reduction and cost control require the use of optimised, automated solutions. It is crucial to use available state-of-the-art tools and adapt the new processes to present and future market demands.

The BIM (Building Information Modelling) methodology as well as related tools is the modern trend in the optimisation of productivity and is a must in some countries.

Education and training are crucial in the BIM maturity process, thus contributing to increase technical knowledge and skills needed for implementing and adapting to this new paradigm.   We recognise there is a lack of training in BIM technologies at national level and it is crucial to equip professionals with skills in modelling, interoperability and IT information to meet current and future challenges.

The course is intended for the various levels and sectors of architecture, engineering and construction industries with BIM training needs.

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