Os eventos na dinâmica turística, estudo de caso: XXVII Congresso da Sopa


Events on tourist dynamics, case study: the 27th edition of the Congresso da Sopa de Tomar (Tomar Soup Meeting)



Instituto Politécnico de Tomar and Tomar City Hall will organise a meeting dedicated to the importance of events in the territorial tourist dynamics based on the case study 26th soup meeting of Tomar. The meeting will take place during the morning of June 4 at the Moinho da Ordem (Complexo da Levada, Tomar).

This meeting aims to reflect on the importance of gastronomic events for the territory and the presentation of the results of the survey administered to participants of the 26th Congresso da Sopa de Tomar. To achieve the first objective set for this meeting, we will have the contribution of Cecília Rosa da Caminhos who will speak about events from an entrepreneurial perspective. To achieve the second objective, the results of the survey will be presented and analysed by the students of the degree in Tourism and Culture Management offered at IPT. The academic work that will be presented herein was developed in the context of practical classes in an academic approach focused on research applied to territory.

The reception welcome will also have the collaboration of students from the professional course in tourism of the Nuno de Santa Maria cluster of schools, providing a moment of sharing of knowledge and exchange of academic training.
The Instituto Politécnico de Tomar through its Degree in Tourism and Culture Management invites the wider community to attend the meeting free of charge.

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