Military Tourism Meeting - ETM2019


On the 26th September, the Meeting will take place at the Complexo Cultural da Levada de Tomar at 2:00pm and will include the announcement of new ATMPT honorary members and the signature of cooperation agreements. The event will have the contribution of a wide range of guest speakers and will include the panel session “Military Tourism and the Safeguard of Cultural Heritage: challenges for sustainable, smart and inclusive development”.

On the 27th September at 9.30am, ETM 2019 will take place at the Doutor José Bayolo Pacheco de Amorim auditorium in the IPT campus at Tomar, a joint initiative with the MovTour project as part of the celebrations of the World Tourism Day. The Day will be dedicated to the results of applied research in Military Tourism and tourism-related Heritage and will be attended by researchers/former students from various higher education institutions and companies.

See event details here.



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