Curso de Turismo Militar tem candidaturas abertas


The first military course, a partnership between IPT, the Portuguese Association of Military Tourism, Tomar city council and Turismo Centro de Portugal, will be presented next Monday 3rd December at 3:00pm in the Centro Cultural de Vila Nova da Barquinha during the seminar “Military Tourism: potentialities and challenges for the national territory.”
Application dates: 26 to 30 November at
To perceive military tourism as part of national and international tourism strategy.
To gain skills in touristic development of the national historic and military heritage.
To reflect on the importance and feasibility of the articulation between Tourism and Heritage in Portugal.
To develop proposals for military tourism products.

Skills Profile
Cognitive – ability to act in the production of Cultural Tourism in areas of knowledge, particularly in the production and dissemination of content featuring Military Tourism in terms of site visits and co-creation of experiences.
Behavioural - leadership skills and autonomy in the research and presentation of military tourism issues, specifically in organizing events and working with groups.  
Operational - knowledge about military tourism that will enable the use of military resources and creation of tourist attractions.

Target Audience
Higher education students; entrepreneurs; local councillors; cultural players; tourism technicians; public administration officers; academics; military staff; researchers; journalists; others audiences.

Introduction to tourism and military tourism | 1 ECTS credit
Historic and military heritage | 1,5 ECTS credits
Military tourism project - Individual Portfolio | 2,5 ECTS credits


Application dates: 26 to 30 November 2018
Notification date: 3 December 2018
Enrolments: 5 to 6 December 2018

Contact period/sessions: 7 December 2018 to 15 February 2019

Tuition fees
250,00 € | 220,00 € (Associação de Turismo Militar Português)

Admission requirements
Given the scope of the target audience and the fact that there is no need to determine specific requirements for the admission of applicants, the application must be accompanied by a Letter of Interest stating the candidate’s interest in attending the course.

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