Concerto/Conferência Música e Ciência


Musical contemplation is a human characteristic that raises many issues and challenges various strands of knowledge.  Over the centuries, it was believed that music contained the «numerical solution» to untangle the mysteries of the universe.  Later, it inspired analogies that allowed Pure Science to expand the principles of knowledge. A social and anthropological consciousness was then added, also covering the humanities.   More recently, curiosity extended to the fields of emotion and cognitive processes. For all this, music has increasingly revealed itself as an interdisciplinary phenomenon. And what better excuse is there to bring back musical practice (live) into the academic environment? The partnership between AMEC/Metropolitana and the Ministry of science, technology and higher education continues, this time with Concerts/Conference held the polytechnics of Portalegre, Beja and Tomar.  In addition to its proven capacity to provide good entertainment and leisure moments, it's time to listen to what music has to tell us again.

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