Ciclo de Programas "Tomar Turismo" - Episódio 10


The last episode of the series of “Tomar Turismo” programmes, a weekly discussion forum about the reality and tourist/cultural potential of the region of Tomar, is to take place this Thursday 6th December, at 5:30pm in the auditorium B121 at IPT.  This episode under the topic “Tourism Training in the IPT” has the contribution of Francisco Carvalho, Director of the ESGT; L-Tour.ipt Director and Researcher-in-charge of the MovTour project; Eunice Ramos Lopes, Coordinator of IPT’s Tourism degree programmes; Patrícia Nunes, student from the BSc in Tourism and Culture Management and João Pedro Paulo, student from the MSc in Cultural Tourism Product Development. The programme will be broadcasted by Radio Hertz.  

This activity is part of the initiative “MovTour: Turismo e Cultura com e para a Sociedade”, project co-funded by POCI, Portugal 2020 and the EU through FEDER and coordinated by L-tour.ipt - Laboratório de Turismo do Instituto Politécnico de Tomar.

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