Next Wednesday 10 April, 2:30-5:30 pm, a session will be held in the Dr. Júlio das Neves Auditorium (room 0106) to announce the new curriculum management platform - CIÊNCIAVITAE.

The session will introduce the platform, how it works, its potentialities and how it can improve knowledge production making curriculum management easier. It will have a maximum duration of three hours and includes two parts. In the first part, the CIÊNCIAVITAE team will explain the main features of the system. The second part is a hands-on session where participants are invited to create their CV on the platform with the support of the team. The CIÊNCIAVITAE is a unique, personalized, simple, harmonized and structured curriculum. It brings together on one platform all the information about the user (student, researcher or institution), which is currently dispersed across multiple platforms such as FCT-SIG CV, DeGóis, Renates, REBIDES, ORCID and RCAAP. This initiative is part of a series of training sessions (face-to-face and online) planned for the coming months on the new platform. It is addressed to the whole academic community, including researchers and S&T managers.

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