Third Conference Series on Tourism: Religious Tourism


The third edition of the Conference Series on Tourism at the IPT will re-visit the practices of regional tourism development in which cultural and religious tourism intermingle to enhance and reinforce territorial approaches. The increasing competitiveness of destinations requires new product interpretations and concepts based on experience and emotion. The development of cultural and religious tourism products has assumed particular prominence in the new tourism supply/demand chains as a result of cultural, experiential spiritual and emotional tourism consumption. In this sense, the Third Conference Series on Tourism: Religious Tourism are organized around a number of thematic panels on:


  • the impacts of tourist-cultural-religious products in the territory in which they are implemented;
  • religious art at the service of tourism as a factor of territorial attractiveness;
  • the importance of sustainable relationship between tourism and cultural and religious heritage in the knowledge acquisition dynamics (from materiality to immateriality) and the knowledge of local communities.
  • share and live experiences connected with the Pilgrim Route to Santiago and Jewish heritage and tourism.


Apart from providing opportunity for reflection and debate of relevant topics of cultural and religious tourism with renowned industry experts, the event will also include a Storytelling session in the Synagogue of Tomar.

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