3º Colóquio de Riscos Naturais (NATRisk 2018)


The Natural Risk Applied Research Laboratory (NHRC.ipt) of the IPT is organising the Third Colloquium on Natural Risks (NATRisk 2018) to be held next Wednesday 12th December at 10:00 am in the Dr. Júlio das Neves auditorium.

As in previous editions, the NATRisk colloquium aims to promote debate on Risk Education building bridges between the various players in the Médio Tejo and beyond.   It also aims to promote the involvement of various decision-makers and the academic community by raising population’s awareness for the integrated approach of all kinds of hazards and its part in climate change.   This year, the panels will focus on the results of the CLIMRisk project “Climate change measures to manage natural and environmental risks”, a partnership between the polytechnics of Tomar, Leiria and Castelo Branco and the city councils of Ourém and Ferreira do Zêzere.

Free registration and program at www.natrisk2018.ipt.pt

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