Pós-graduação em Produção Industrial - Candidaturas Abertas 3ª Fase


Increasingly, competitiveness is ensured through cost reduction and control and continuous improvement of productive processes in view to optimising activities which add value to products. A wide range of skills and competencies are provided which, once applied and maintained, will change critical factors into success factors – essential to ensure business sustainability and competition.

Another important aspect for competition is the rate of implementation of  new products with minimum development and post-production costs. To this end, maximising flexibility and accuracy in the definition and fulfilment of the “do it right the first time" objective is crucial.

Today, the production function is a challenge for managers. Production should expand into development and commercial groups rather than being limited to the management of human resources and equipment.
Therefore, the main goals of the training are:
•    Train professionals capable of leading production, industrial maintenance and quality teams;
•    Disseminate new production methods and concepts with special emphasis on lean manufacturing.

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