Politécnico de Tomar com patente nacional Sistema de componentes para montagem modular de zonas húmidas artificiais


The Instituto Nacional de Propriedade Industrial (INPI) granted the Polytechnic of Tomar the national patent for a component system for modular assembly of artificial wetlands following the research developed in the VALORBIO project within the Bioenergy and Applied Biotechnology Laboratory of the IPT (BIOTEC.IPT).


The invention consists of a system for assembling modular and movable artificial wetlands (AHAs) with adaptable shape and dimensions, whose use allows the installation of AHAs without the need for permanent infrastructures and the adaptation of the AHA areas to the specific seasonal or seasonal needs and to the installation sites.


The patent represents further recognition of the quality of the work done by teaching and technical staff who are part of the research team of BIOTEC.IPT, who have long carried out relevant and pioneering work in the sustainable treatment of wastewater through HAZs (also known as Constructed Wetlands, HCZs, or Macrophyte WWTPs). The system now patented allows the use of recyclable or recycled materials in the HAZs structures and optimises the recovery of solid waste and the production of reclaimed water, thus representing a contribution to a circular economy.

(Project co-funded by European Funds, reference POCI-01-0145-FEDER-23314)