O Centro de Estudos em Fotografia de Tomar, CEFT – Casa dos Cubos, apresenta conferência online



https://www.facebook.com/Centro-De-Estudos-Em-Fotografia-De-Tomar-354070468558032O CEFT presents, on May 5, at 3:30 pm, an online conference with photographer Luísa Ferreira, moderated by João Henriques, photographer and programmer in the project “Photography and Territory”. In late 2020, CEFT - Centro de Estudos em Fotografia de Tomar launched the initiative "Photography and Territory", which resulted in the creation of the website https://fotografiaeterritorio.ceft.pt/, which aims to become a reference on projects with links to Portugal.

You can watch the conference through Facebook Streaming - https://www.facebook.com/Centro-De-Estudos-Em-Fotografia-De-Tomar-354070468558032

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