COVID-19 - Plano de contingência do IPT


As a public employer and public higher education institution, the Instituto Politécnico de Tomar (IPT) is responsible for ensuring that students and staff have the appropriate health and hygiene conditions on an ongoing basis taking into account general prevention principles.

In the face of ongoing risk, IPT has drawn up a contingency plan in line with national guidelines which will be applied according to developments and new information and knowledge which may lead to the implementation of new measures and in the updating of the plan.

The contingency plan is available from, a webpage created for the purpose which will also serve as a repository for all IPT information on COVID-19. This webpage will be updated according to developments.

IPT advises all members of the academic community to follow the recommendations in the Contingency Plan and from health authorities, including in what concerns basic hygiene measures.

Special attention should be paid to the symptoms associated with the COVID-19 virus such as fever, cough and breathing difficulties.

When in doubt please call the SNS24 808 24 24 24 line immediately.

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