Centro de Estudos em Fotografia de Tomar (CEFT)


Photography Research Centre of Tomar (CEFT)

Next Tuesday 20th November at 6:00 pm the CMT (local city council) and the IPT will sign a cooperation agreement to create the city’s Photography Research Centre (CEFT) which will be established at Casa dos Cubos in Tomar.
The Research Centre is mainly intended to reinforce the long-standing relationship between both institutions in the area of photographic culture, namely through their Historic and Contemporary Photography Archives and also higher-level training in photography that has been part of IPT’s educational provision for over 30 years. The CEFT also aims to preserve, conserve, study and disseminate photographic collections and repositories as well as organise training courses in conservation, preservation and management of photographic collections and historic photographic processes both through activities in schools in the various levels of teaching and for the general public. Cultural and scientific tourism is also an aim of this centre.   The activity schedule also includes regular photographic exhibitions, conferences and workshops especially in areas such as photography and territory.
The new centre’s opening ceremony will include the opening of the exhibition “In the meanders of astonishment: Middle Tagus, what paths to strategic change?” that is the result of a photography residency program undertaken in Mação promoted by the Photography degree programme with the support of the municipality of Mação. It was mainly intended to contribute to a better understanding of issues related with land management and occupation and the transformations of landscape liable of being captured photographically.   
This initiative also includes (21st November at 11:00 am) in the Casa dos Cubos a conference on issues related with land management, anthropization, heritage and photography intended for the general public. It counts on the participation of various specialist speakers operating in the region. It will also include a photography and heritage workshop led by Duarte Belo, experienced photographer in this area with considerable published work.

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