CEFT promove exposição "O sítio em Vista" de Paulo Catrica




To conclude the 2021 Round of Exhibitions in Photography and Territory promoted by CEFT - Centro de Estudos de Fotografia de Tomar, the photographic work "O sítio em Vista" by Paulo Catrica, one of the most renowned Portuguese photographers, especially in the area of landscape and territory, will be presented on September 11th, at 3pm at Casa dos Cubos in Tomar. This exhibition is made up of photographs that allow us to contextualise some of the history of his career, in which the links with architecture take on a more marked relevance. One of the series to be displayed is quite recent and was produced for the Almada exhibition: Um Território em 6 Ecologias (A Territory in 6 Ecologies), a wide-ranging exhibition that proposes a territorial, urban and architectural approach to the municipality of Almada. Parallel to this work, there will also be on display photographs taken at the Assembly of the Republic, a place par excellence of territory production, which were taken for the project entitled A casa da Democracia: Entre Espaço e Poder (The House of Democracy: Between Space and Power.)


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