Arduíno Day 2021




The Instituto Politécnico de Tomar, through its degree programmes of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Engineering, Intelligent Cities Research Centre (Ci2) and ECO IPT, will be organising on March 25th, from 9.15am to 12.55pm, the 7th edition of the international event Arduino Day @IPT. This event in IPT intends to affirm itself as an educational project, whose goal is to put teachers, educators and students in the centre of the educational process, showing creative ways to use technology in the classroom, whatever the level of education. The ArduinoDay 2021 (AD2021) this year was integrated in the program of activities of the IPT candidacy to the Eco-Schools program. This year the event will be held ONLINE and will focus on two main themes: 'Undistancing: Open Makes Us Close' "Sustainability in STEM Education". For further information:

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