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Scientific Outputs

Publications indexed in Scopus, with affiliation to Ci2 since 2018: 50 documents & 96 citations (h-6)

All publications of 23 integrated members: 205 documents & 2575 citations in Scopus (h-26)


New documents:

Costa, M. C., Manso, A., & Patrício, J. (2020). Design of a Mobile Augmented Reality Platform with Game-Based Learning Purposes. Information, 11(3), 127.

Bandeiras, F., Gomes, M., Coelho, P., & Fernandes, J. (2020). Towards net zero energy in industrial and commercial buildings in Portugal. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 119, 109580.

Mateus, D. M. R., Pinho, H. J. O., Nogueira, I. M. D. P., Rosa, M. A. N. H., Cartaxo, M. A. M., & Nunes, V. M. B. (2020). Participation of students in the project Valorbio. International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, ahead-of-p(ahead-of-print).

Campos, R., Mangaravite, V., Pasquali, A., Jorge, A., Nunes, C., & Jatowt, A. (2020). YAKE! Keyword extraction from single documents using multiple local features. Information Sciences, 509, 257–289.

Fonseca-Pinto, R., Rijo, R., Assunção, P., Seco, M. A., Guarino, M. P., Braga-Pontes, C., … Martinho, R. (2020). Prescribe and Monitor Physical Activity Through a Community-Based eHealth Program: MOVIDA Platform.

Mateus, D. M. R., & Pinho, H. J. O. (2020). Evaluation of solid waste stratified mixtures as constructed wetland fillers under different operation modes. Journal of Cleaner Production, 253, 119986.


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