CEFGA - Center for Studies in Photography of Golegã


António Ventura, Vice-presidente


The Center for Studies in Photography of Golegã, CEFGA, was created by a protocol of cooperation between the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar, IPT, and the Golegã Municipal Council, CMG, and has the objective of developing research activities and training in Photographic Culture in general but also must technically and scientifically support the “Casa-Estudio Carlos Relvas” museum.

The creation of this center dates back to 2008, and in the following year an international scientific meeting take place on the subject of photography: Photography in Museums - Museums of Photography.

This center was inactive for a few years but in 2016 CMG and IPT decided to reactivate it by organizing the 5th Golegã Photography Week, which proposed a set of initiatives related to Photography Culture in general and in particular to the specific issues of “Casa-Estúdio Carlos Relvas”: Workshops inPhotography and in Historical Photographic Processes; Street animation with "Afghan Camera”; Presentation for the first time in Golegã of a Film about the life and work of Carlos Relvas: "Amateur"; Seminar and Workshop on Carlos Relvas: An Authorship, the Environment, the Territory; Photography Exhibition "The Archive as a City" by Duarte Belo;

CEFGA is currently engaged in the classification of Casa-Estudio as a European Heritage Site, and the main argument will be that it is a unique case throughout the World.

CEFGA is also committed to contribute to demonstrate the fundamental role of photography in the study and better perception of a Territory, thus giving continuity to the work that Carlos Relvas himself developed in the late nineteenth century, systematically photographing the region, And its geographical and human landscapes.





E-mail - cefga@ipt.pt


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