Quality Evaluation Center


Catarina Morgado


The Quality Evaluation Center has as its main function the development of evaluation activities (internal and external) and promotion of quality in accordance with the guidelines of the statutory bodies of the IPT.
>>> www.caq.ipt.pt





 The Center is the service responsible for:
  • Promoting of the quality of teaching;
  • Promotion of a culture of internal and institutional quality assurance;
  • Monitoring of internal and external evaluation processes;
  • Elaboration of models of self-assessment, definition and review of their principles;
  • Definition and establishment of forms of cooperation with international organizations in the area of quality assurance.


Telephone - 249328100
Ext. - 5172
E-mail - caq@ipt.pt
Cabinet - F205 - Tomar - Campus
Site - http://www.caq.ipt.pt


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