Colaborators at IPT


Alexandra Figueiredo, professor of underwater archaeology and cultural heritage;
Ana Paula Machado, professor of buildings conservation and rehabilitation;
António Ventura, professor of photography;
Cristiana Ferreira, CGEO researcher in archaeobotany
Cristina Andrade, professor of natural risks and hazards;
Davide Delfino, CGEO researcher in protohistory
Fernando Coimbra, professor of archaeoacoustics and rock art;
Gabriel Pires, professor of Engineering;
George Nash, professor of anthropology and rock art;
Hália Santos, professor of communication;
Hermínia Sol, professor of language and literature;
Hipólito Collado, professor of rock art;
Hugo Gomes, CGEO researcher in geology and geoparks;
Laurent Caron, International Relations;
Luís Mota Figueira, professor of culture and tourism;
Luís Santos, professor of biology and environment monitoring systems;
Luiz Oosterbeek, Professor of Archaeology, Heritage and Landscape Management
Nelson J. Almeida, MTAS project researcher in prehistory
Nuno Madeira, professor of computer science and intelligent systems;
Pierluigi Rosina, professor of geology, geomorphology and geo-heritage;
Rita Ferreira Anastácio, professor of GIS and territorial engineering;
Rosa Nico, International Relations
Sara Cura, CGEO researcher in ancient technology
Sara Garcês, CGEO researcher in rock art
Silvério Figueiredo, professor of prehistory and paleontology;
Sónia Gonçalves, professor of human resources management and psychology of work
Teresa Desterro, professor of art history.