Tourism and Culture Management
11 ECTS; 3º Ano, 2º Semestre, 30,0 T + 105,0 TP

- Eunice Ferreira Ramos Lopes
- João Pedro Tomaz Simões
- Vitor Manuel Pereira Pais

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Students should:
- Acquire and develop skills that will enable them to perform a profession in tourism-related areas

1. The significance of taking an Internship period in tourism
2. Training types
3. Attitudes and postures (professional ethics)in the internship hosting organisation
4. The Internship Report (structure)
5. Report production: preparation and drawing up
6. Practical application: work-based training
7. Report presentation

Evaluation Methodology
Student-oriented ongoing assessment with tutorial guidance

- , .(2005). Normas para apresentação de trabalhos científicos. Lisboa: Editorial Presença
- , .(2006). Como escrever uma tese, monografia ou livro científico usando o Word. Lisboa: Sílabo

Method of interaction
Teaching methods: a) classroom b) Tutorial guidance c) internship monitoring (162 hours) in a host organisation.

Software used in class