Chemical Thermodynamics I

Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
5 ECTS; 2º Ano, 1º Semestre, 30,0 T + 30,0 TP

- Valentim Maria Brunheta Nunes

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Students should be familiar with the principles of Chemical Thermodynamics and be able to apply them to (solid, liquid or gaseous) systems with interest to Chemical
Engineering. They should develop important calculus techniques in engineering.

1.Ideal and real gases; 2.Internal
energy and the first law of thermodynamics. Thermochemisty; 3. Entropy and the second law of thermodynamics. Third law of thermodynamics; 4.The Helmoltz and Gibbs functions. Combining the
first and second laws; 5.Chemical equilibrium; 6. Physical transformations in pure substances. 7. Ideal solutions. Raoult?s and Henry´s Law. Phase diagrams.

Evaluation Methodology
Final written exam (100%)

- Azevedo, E. (2011). Termodinâmica Aplicada. Lisboa: Escolar Editora
- Atkins, P. (2001). Physical Chemistry. Oxford: Oxford University Press

Method of interaction
Lectures and tutorials involving problem-solving.

Software used in class
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