Mestrado em Gestão de Recursos Humanos

Learning outcomes


In the last few years, the good results of the degree programme in Human Resources Management and Organizational Behaviour (both in terms of programme operation and graduate employability) together with the stable academic standing of the ESGT’s faculty members (all doctorates and engaged in research and other scientific activities) can be considered justification enough to create the Master’s degree in HRM. Stability and full-time tenure track positions of IPT faculty was another factor that contributed to the decision to launch this new master’s. The ever-increasing demand for the bachelor’s degree in HRM in the last few years and the desire from present and former students of the programme as well as students from other ESGT programmes to proceed to master’s studies at IPT was another reason for the creation of this degree. In a world where organizations are more and more challenging, this Master’s degree is crucial as it deals with topics such as management, strategy, human resources, interculturality and research, and students are provided the opportunity to undertake an internship, dissertation or project.