Technical English

5 ECTS; 1º Ano, Anual, 42,0 TP

- Patrícia Alves de Carvalho Lobo


This component of the course gives students the opportunity to use and improve their English language skills in a variety of contexts with an emphasis on the use of English in Management and Real Estate domains. Extending intercultural competence is another key feature. There will be opportunities for students to work on topics of their future career. By the end of this unit, students are expected to improve and consolidate their linguistic skills in English, particularly within their professional field; understand most of what they hear or read in their professional context; summarize information from different oral and written sources, reconstructing and summarizing arguments in a coherent presentation; express themselves professionally with certain precision, orally and in writing.

1. Management and Real Estate
Companies and their internal organization
Job descriptions and goals
Recruitment and selection
2. New Contacts
Telephone communication
Emailing and follow-up
3. Clients and Suppliers
Giving a presentation; giving a Pitch presentation
Dealing with different kinds of clients
Dealing with complaints
4. Negotiations
Discussing terms and conditions
Starting and ending a negotiation
5. Specific concepts of Management and Real Estate

Evaluation Methodology
Continuous Assessment: Final Test 60%, Oral presentation 30%, 10% participation in class. All the parts of the assessment are mandatory; average score must be higher than 9,5.

- Jovy/ALTMAN, A. (2008). English for Real Estate. . Berlim: Cornelsen
- JOVY, A. (2010). English Correspondence and Report Writing for Real Estate Professionals. Wiesbaden: Immobilien Zeitung
- FRIEDMAN, J. (2008). Dictionary of Real Estate Terms. London: Barron's Educational Series

Method of interaction
A communicative task-based approach will be used. Students are required to perform a number of assessed tasks during the classes. Students are also expected to interact and actively participate in classes

Software used in class