Production Management

Design and Graphic Arts
4.5 ECTS; 2º Ano, 1º Semestre, 45,0 TP + 3,0 O

- Henrique Joaquim de Oliveira Pinho

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1. An overview of the concepts, theories and methods of production management, from stocks management to production control, including the costs associated therewith; 2. Students should be able to plan production, or interpret and optimize the existing production system.

1. Introduction. Planning and Production Management. Planning tools and techniques. Work flow analysis.
2. Procurement: purchasing and stock management; INCOTERMS; Materials reception (Physical, Management and Economics); Stock management and optimization; Stocks classifications.
3. Production management models and production types; Industrial maintenance principles.
4. Production costs: classification; investment capital; depreciation; break even point.
5. Lean management: principles and tools.
6. Measuring the performance of a production system; productivity indicators.

Evaluation Methodology
Class attendance (10%) and two written mid-term tests (60%) for continuous assessement. Alternatively, one exam with 7/20 as minimum grade (70%) for final assessement. Practical assignments (30%) contributes to continuous and final assessement.

- Reis, F. (2008). Gestão da Produção e Operações. Lisboa: Universidade Aberta
- Casals, R. (1999). Organização e Gestão: Rumo à produtividade nas indústrias gráficas.. .: Europa-América
- Hugel, H. e Baranger, P. (1994). Gestão: Produção. Lisboa: Edições Sílabo
- Courtois, A. (2007). Gestão da produção. Lisboa: Edições Lidel

Method of interaction
1. Lectures supported by audiovisual resources; 2. Analysis of practical examples; 3. Problem solving; 4. Group work on a topic from Chapter 4; 5. Group work on topics from chapters 5 or 6.

Software used in class
Worksheet software (optional).