Design and Graphic Arts
3 ECTS; 1º Ano, 1º Semestre, 30,0 TP + 2,0 OT

- João Manuel de Sousa Nunes Costa Rosa

Graphic and analysis skills
Be familiar with plastic and visual expression
Basics of fine arts and design history

Students must be able to:
2.Manipulate the syntax of expression
3.Adapt composition to communication
4.Find solutions by levelling
5.Represent according to model, type, concept meaning
6.Demonstrate graphic culture
7.Use the right terms
8.Demonstrate critical skills

> Substance and process
> Skeleton, relation, composition, structural componentes, parcel
> Shape and background; contour,the all and the parcels; elements that make the thing
> Dimensions, porportions, scale, tickness
> Balances, statics and tensions, movement and rhythm
> Shape quality and expression quality
> Filters and opositions or contrast

Evaluation Methodology
Continuous assessment
Product process: representation/drawing
Compliance with exercise-related instructions, tasks, deadlines and objectives
Mid-term test
Final Examination
Resit examination

- Pipes, A. (2008). Fondantions of art and design. Londres: Laurence King Publishing.
- Dondis, D. (1997). A Sintaxe da Linguagem Visual. São Paulo: Martins Fontes
- Acaso, M. (2006). El Languaje Visual. Barcelona: Paidós
- Cossette, C. (1983). Les images démaquillés. Approche scientifique de la communication par l?image. Québec: Les Éditions Riguil Internationales

Method of interaction
B)Case presentation and analysis
C)Drawing process; experimental exercises to solve specific problems
D)Debate to reach solutions

Software used in class
Eventually Illustrator or Corel Draw