Design e Tecnologia das Artes Gráficas

Prevailing scientific area: Design Gráfico e Tecnologias Gráficas
First-Cycle degree, ISCED Level 5, EQF Level 6, 180 ECTS, 6 semesters, Degree official code: 9644
Technology School of Tomar, Schoolofficial code 3242

A highly specialised education with a wide range of career opportunities in a unique academic environment.


Provide a solid scientific, technological and social learning, supported by a programme and courses that includes contact with real situations and laboratories experiences. This cycle of studies is based on the development of a diverse set of skills and competencies that permits excellent career opportunities and pursue postgraduate studies.




The Design and Graphic Arts Technology programme is designed according to a multifaceted consistent profile and covers a wide range of subjects from graphic technologies and communication design. It aims to deliver designers and top managers for institutions or enterprises involved in the design, production, management and research of graphic objects. Understanding technologies and graphic processes, management systems and methods and budgeting, information and communication technologies and multimedia is a crucial condition for the designer and graphic technician profile inherent to this academic cycle. This programme was designed so as to facilitate access, not only to the labour world, but also to second-cycle programmes of study, namely the Master?s degree in Editorial Technologies from ESTT.