History of Communication Arts

Design and Graphic Arts
4 ECTS; 1º Ano, 1º Semestre, 45,0 T + 3,0 O

- Maria Madalena Giraldes Barba Pessoa Jorge Oudinot Larcher
- Maria João Bom Mendes dos Santos

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Students should:1.become acquainted with the broad lines of design history in graphic arts including the key developments in art and communication and the various forms of graphic illustration; 2. get familiar with the major phases of the history of book; 3. be able to write a monograph.

1. Preliminaries: Communication, Language (and Languages), Symbols 2. Graphic verbal language: written and non-written 3. Art in graphic arts: general aspects; Art in time; The various forms of graphic arts (Illuminated manuscripts, Etchings, Photographs) 4. The history of book: in Antiquity; in the Middle Ages; from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century (from print revolution to Enlightenment); 5. Methodological guidelines for the preparation of the monograph.

Evaluation Methodology
Students must take a mid-term test and write a monograph (each contributing 50% of the final grade).An average mark of 10/20 exempts students from end-of-term exam.The monograph work should conform to the guidelines provided in class and to deadlines

- Svend, D. (1994). Historia del Libro. Madrid: Alianza Editorial
- FEBVRE, L. (2000). O Aparecimento do Livro. Lisboa: Fundação Gulbenkian
- BOLOGNA, G. (2000). Illuminated Manuscripts, The Book Before Gutenberg. (Vol. 1). Milão: London : Thames and Hudson
- BACKHOUSE, J. (1979). The Illuminated Manuscript. (Vol. 1). Singapura: Hardback BOOK

Method of interaction
1. Lectures using datashow and critical analysis of documentary material. 2. Methodological guidelines for the preparation of monograph and tutorial support.

Software used in class