Elementary English

TeSP - Web e Dispositivos Móveis, Publication in the Diário da República - Aviso n.º 12718/2016 - 19/10/2016

5 ECTS; 1º Ano, 2º Semestre, 60,0 TP



Students should be able to:
-apply a set of skills in different communicative situations;
-interpret and produce texts using the English language according to its structural and grammatical rules;
-communicate correctly and simulate situations that may occur in a real context.

1. The importance of the English language in today's world
1.1. Daily communication
2. The English language within the workplace
2.1. Specific documents related to the labor market
3. Technology and Society
3.1. The importance of information and communication technologies
3.2. Analysis of different types of texts
4. Grammatical content
4.1. Articles and Pronouns
4.2. Verb tenses
4.3. Prepositions
4.4. Adjectives and adverbs
4.5. Conjunctions

Evaluation Methodology
Continuous Assessment:
- 1 final research assignment related to the Web and Mobile Devices area - 70% (40% written and 30% oral presentation)
- elaboration of a glossary with the technical terms of the course area - 30%
Exam Evaluation:
- Written test - 60%
- Research assignment - 40% (20% written + 20% oral)


Method of interaction
Theoretical and practical classes in which the comprehension skills of written and oral discourses will be developed, through simulations and analysis of multimedia and other documents.

Software used in class
Synchronous classes through the Microsoft Teams platform