Financial Management


Master's degree in Health Resources Management

5 ECTS; 1º Ano, 1º Semestre, 41,0 TP


Not applicable.

At the end of this Master's course students should be familiar with the area of financial management set in Health Care

Introductory notions:
Rating and Investment Decisions;
Financing Instruments;
Operations in Financial Markets;
Capital Structure and Dividend Policy;
Short-Term Financial Management;
Financial Management Estimates;
Financial Risk Management.

Evaluation Methodology
. 2 Individual work
. 20% each
. Theme 1 (Assessment and Decision)
. Theme 2 (Financing Instruments)
. 2 p. (max)

. Working Group 1 (2/3)
. Management Company / Project
. 60% with presentation / discussion
. 10 pag. (max)


Method of interaction
Case Studies

Software used in class