Project III

Documentary Film Studies
5 ECTS; 3º Ano, 1º Semestre, 60,0 PL + 3,0 OT

- Ágata Marques Fino

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A. To develop the potential of identifying capacity of a filmic theme
B. To understand the importance of research in pre-production
C. To assimilate the concepts of repérage, treatment and planning
D. To develop a production dossier
E. To present a film project

1. Definition of the theme / idea to treat
1.1. premise
1.2. Note of intent
2. Visual Processing
2.1. repérage
2.2. planning
3. Characterization of the actors / characters
4. Narrative Structure
4.1. synopsis
4.2. screenplay
5. Production plan
5.1. Shooting map
6. Preparation of the production dossier
7. Preparation of pitching / presentation
8. Presentation and defense of the project (pitching)

Evaluation Methodology
Assiduidade ? 10%
Projeto Etapa#1 ? 14%
Projeto Etapa#2 ? 14%
Projeto Etapa#3 ? 14%
Projeto Etapa#4 ? 14%
Projeto Etapa#5 ? 14%
Apresentação (pitching) ? 20%
The evaluation must consider the point 8.1. of the Project Curricular Units Regulation

- Nichols, B. (1991). Representing Reality ?Issues and Concepts in Documentary. Indiana: Indiana University Press

Method of interaction
1. Description of contents
2. Exercise analysis of students
3. Watching films
4. Presentation and discussion of personal points of view

Software used in class
Open Office
Quicktime Player